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Every person in the world knows what poker is and dreams at least try to play it once. The level of world poker tournaments is the highest one in the poker society. To participate in those, you should become indeed the excellent professional player. But for many other players including newbies, there are also a lot of great opportunities to feel as professional players and become winners. Various types of online tournaments to play for real money are available for every adult and bring a lot of excitement.

Types of poker that is played on tournaments

Since there are a lot of differing types of poker games, each of them gained their own popularity and have their own fans, who are eager to compete. So, there are the following kinds used in playing tournament poker:

  1. in Texas Hold’em, players are distributed with 2 cards that are revealed only to them, and in the following rounds, 5 cards are put on the table revealed to everyone; the winner is decided by the best hand among all players;
  2. in Omaha, players are distributed with 4 cards revealed only to them, however, they can utilize only 2 of them; 5 cards are also put on the table, and the winner is chosen by the strongest hand;
  3. in Seven-card stud, players are distributed with 3 cards, 2 of which are revealed only to them and 1 is revealed to everyone; in the following rounds, 4 cards are put on the table, 1 of them is hidden and 3 are revealed; the winner is picked in the same way;
  4. in 2-7 Triple Draw, players are distributed with 5 cards; in the following rounds, players can decide to exchange some or all of their cards; the winner is chosen by the weakest hand.

Every player can find the tournament that he will definitely like. Choose the type that you like the most and learn next what tournaments you can find online.

What ways to play poker tournaments online can be found

Tournaments differ in the number of participants, in the size of stakes, in the skill level of players, in the sum of buy-ins, in the cash prize for the winner, in the number of stages, in the territorial scale, and so on.

There are the following variations that can be found online:

  • Cash games;
  • Sit & Gos;
  • Multi-table tournaments, the most common type of free play poker tournaments;
  • Bounty tournaments;
  • Fast-Fold Poker
  • Jackpot Sit & Gos

Various poker websites compete in providing the most exciting way to gamble, so you can definitely find the type that will suit all your desires.

Tips to enjoy free play poker tournaments

There are several possibilities on how to play free for some time:

  • when you win at tournaments a particular amount of cash, it can be used to play the next games;
  • you can receive various bonuses when you register at the website such as welcome or no deposit ones; they can provide you with extra free chips;
  • many poker sites also have loyalty bonuses for existing players;
  • you can participate in daily, weekly, or other quests and promotions that will also grant you free chips.

Try to use as many free options as you can to facilitate your participation. Now you are ready to start your poker adventure and win big!

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