While most types of real money video poker offer players fairly high odds, some games can offer better conditions. Jacks or Better was the first, but it is still the most popular version because it offers consistently high odds. Deuces wild and loose deuces also offer a great casino edge. You probably know that the full pay versions of these games offer positive expectation rates, but don’t expect to find this option online. It may be found somewhere, but if such an option existed on a regular basis, then information about it would spread very quickly, and the operator of such a casino would lose a lot of money.

Instead of trying to find the 9/6 version of these games, look for the 8/5 paytable. This will still provide a good betting opportunity. The 8/5 super aces bonus poker version pays off 99.94%, while the 10/7 double bonus and 10/6 double bonus allow you to get a positive mathematical expectation of winning. Don’t expect to find these games online or offline, but try to find the pay tables as close as possible to them and you should be fine.

You might be wondering how casinos can offer these games and still make money. Remember a few things about video poker. Firstly, it is an automated game, so most sessions involve many hands per hour when compared to many other casino games. Secondly, it is an automated game, so apart from the initial investment in the purchase of hardware (or software), the casino does not bear the cost of dealing with the dealer’s labor to deal the cards. Thirdly, most players play without an optimal strategy, so the real house edge will actually be higher than what is usually indicated in the articles. Overall, gambling operators are still in the black.

Video poker strategy

Whether you are playing traditional slots or real money online video poker, the strategy is worth learning. Many casino games don’t require any skill, but this game is different. In most cases, you will not need to buy books to master the suggested game methods. You can find simple, medium and optimal strategies online, and they will be as good as what is written in the books. Plus, they’re free and printable, although I admit the price of printer ink is getting out of hand. Video poker charts are available in HTML and pdf format and can be downloaded or printed as required. Each game has its own strategy, so make sure you learn the tactics you want.

Those looking to get a feel for the game before starting to place real money bets are advised to find any available online video poker analyzer. It is a tool that shows you the perfect game for every step. You can even customize it to prompt you when you press the wrong button and play at a less optimal strategy level. Less common, but still, you can find a casino edge calculator that shows you how much each deviation from the rules will cost you.

Video poker casinos in the USA

Of course, the regions specializing in gambling offer video poker. But what about states that don’t offer gambling? In some of them video poker games are available, in others they are not. New York and North Dakota , for example, are not usually seen as major gambling destinations, but you can find several full-service casinos there. North Carolina , on the other hand, is a good example of a state where you won’t find video poker games at all. There are games in Oklahoma that look like video poker, but they all have a weird bingo-based algorithm so they don’t look like the game you’re used to.

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